The Singapore International School, Bangkok

Before working with ELIZABETH JARMAN®, our learning environment was not child friendly enough. It was harsh, bright, loud, not really welcoming, office or hospital-like, just not comfortable.

It’s really to important have the senior team on board to lead whole school change. Working with this Nursery and Kindergarten senior team over a few years has allowed targeted strategic development to evolve ~ Elizabeth Jarman

Students in the welcoming space

A lot of things have changed for the better! It was great to have someone point out to us some obvious things that were engrained in our environment. Some things are very easy to change but they have to be pointed out by an outsider to make more sense. Our environment has become calmer, quieter, softer, more conducive to interactions, communication and student-led learning. There’s more learning and less teaching.

Bright, welcoming spaces

When working with teams, I’m often that ‘critical friend’, bringing a fresh perspective and wide range of suggestions about developing their existing space. ~ Elizabeth Jarman

Students are much happier at school and that in itself has impacted their learning. They are better communicators, have developed better social skills, more independent and respectful.

Creating emotionally secure environments are critical in terms of learning outcomes. ~ Elizabeth Jarman

We have more clarity of what we want our students to be. We have a clearer vision and how to implement it. We know what we want our environment to look like and why.

I am very happy that things we used to see as insurmountable are now part of our school culture, embedded into school requirements and policies.

Marion Barbe

Nursery Kindergarten Vice Principal