International Speaker

Founder of the Communication Friendly Spaces™ Approach, Elizabeth Jarman is passionate about learning environments. As an International Speaker, she focuses on the importance of making confident and informed choices about spaces for children and teachers to learn in. Sharing highly visual research, Elizabeth inspires audiences to question their own thinking and to be bold in their aspirations for learners.

Elizabeth is as comfortable talking to small focus groups and teams as she is sharing key messages with large international audiences. When you hire a speaker, you need someone who is able to make connections with the audience and their experience, enabling them to understand a research based perspective in ways that are applicable to their own contexts. As a speaker, you are there to change things, not just to maintain things and this is where Elizabeth’s core messages challenge ‘old thinking’ in ways that confidently help educators and families re-tune their ideas about learning, where and how it happens.

With powerfully illustrated, global and local messages Elizabeth speaks from the heart and influences learning as we know it. Sharing broad ranging case studies, she demonstrates the efficacy of her approach and the contextual relevance for her audience. They ‘get it’ and then they want to apply it in their context. We know that designing environments for optimal learning is a dynamic process. Read more about ‘Whole School Approaches’ here. (links to next aspect!)

Elizabeth has enjoyed influencing audiences as a keynote speaker across the globe, most recently;

St. Andrews International School, Bangkok

The World Forum on Design for Children, California

Garden International School, Malaysia

International Community School, Amman

ECIS Conference, Belgium

LEYF, London

If you would like to arrange for Elizabeth to speak at an event you are organising, we’re happy to get planning with you. Contact us at [email protected]