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The Singapore International School, Bangkok

Before working with ELIZABETH JARMAN®, our learning environment was not child friendly enough. It was harsh, bright, loud, not really welcoming, office or hospital-like, just not comfortable.

It’s really to important have the senior team on board to lead whole school change. Working with this Nursery and Kindergarten senior team over a few years has allowed targeted strategic development to evolve ~ Elizabeth Jarman

Tibberton Primary School, UK

Before working with ELIZABETH JARMAN®, our school was full of brightly coloured classrooms. Walls had multi-coloured designs, were crowded with posters and had very little clear wall space. In the corridors all the notice and display boards were a dark red colour with black borders – this felt very oppressive, and the children crowded into the corridors nosily with little respect for each other. We lacked reading corners in the school but did have them in Reception.

Observing children’s behaviour and response in different parts of your environment is important and highlights it’s influence.  ~ Elizabeth Jarman