Action Research

Finding innovative and workable ways to capture and share evidence, Elizabeth Jarman is involved in a wealth of action research projects and can help set up the framework for your learning environment research.

Capturing the impact of informed change helps to share the benefits and broaden the reach of progress. Elizabeth’s focus on educator led inquiry, both personal and team based sets the scene for the genuine evolution of ideas, using the lens of professional questioning to research the effectiveness of learning environments. Producing action research papers with Elizabeth helps to secure academic credibility for your project.

Elizabeth uses action research approaches with whole teams and partners to define knowledge, the what, why and how, contributing towards practice which makes significant and measurable improvements in learning and engagement. In this way we ‘dissolve’ the potential barriers between participants and the research, because the participants are actively involved in conducting the research. We know that educators are not simply individuals whose function is to ‘interpret’ research but they are the creators of it in this context, creating evidence-informed practice. Working with Elizabeth to ensure that the relevance of research is matched to your focus areas is key, as the consumers of the findings are those who work with the children directly.

Hard and soft data capture methodology is combined with case studies, visual imagery collections, parent and student voice and educator reflections to inform analysis and future strategy with recommendations for applying findings.

This can be combined with training and consultancy, conducted though virtual methods such as Skype conferences and online. Partnership and collaborative working is welcomed.

Recent articles and publications include:
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